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Our 11-17 program is rapidly becoming our strongest program. In addition to Entry and Intermediate level classes, we are now excited to offer a Tournament Training Program.  Whether just learning, or looking to take your game to the next level, Empire can help. Our goal is to get kids rallying faster through active and engaging drills, games, and various match play situations. We use full size, 78'x36' tennis courts, Green Felt for Entry level, and Yellow tennis balls for Intermediate and above. Our staff are all USPTA certified, and work with your child to get the best results. We constantly have Special Events and seasonal promotions happening. Follow our Newsletter to stay current!

Winter 2: Monday JANUARY 2nd - Friday, FEBRUARY 24th (7/8 Weeks)

11-17 Entry

11-17 Years Old

Entry Level

We use full size tennis courts, Green Felt tennis balls, and 27" sized racquets. Our curriculum is very simple and designed around kids learning to rallying faster through active and engaging drills and games. These classes are not super technical, but designed for kids to learn basic tennis skills, athletic competencies, and have fun. Click on the schedule and it will take you directly to the registration page.

9-12 Years Old

Intermediate Level

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For kids who have demonstrated significant proficiency on the 60' court with the Orange Felt Ball and can successfully rally while understanding basic point construction.  Green Ball Academy is an invitational program that will teach players a variety of tactics to make them more well-rounded and capable of competing strategically within their own capabilities.  This program is a package that includes one or two weekly group lessons, weekly organized match-play, and one private lesson in the two-month session.

13-17 Years Old

Intermediate Level

11-17 Int

These kids have demonstrated a level of consistency with their ground strokes, volleys, overheads and serves. They use yellow ball seeing how of these kids wish to play on their high school team if they do not already. Each week classes focus on a new theme to teach the kids many of the skills they will need to play and compete in singles and doubles. Click on the schedule and it will take you directly to the registration page.

Empire Varsity Team

Empire Tennis Academy is excited to announce our newest program for 13-17 year old players on the competitive pathway: Empire Varsity Team. Empire's Varsity Team program is designed for players looking to take their match play to the next level. These players have already consistently demonstrated proficiency in the mental, physical, and emotional competencies practiced in our Intermediate groups. These players may or may not already be members of their high school varsity teams, but are now preparing to amplify the intensity of their training regimen so they can be successful at a higher level of competition.


Tournament Training Program

This invite-only program is designed for our advanced-level high school kids that are looking to improve their match play skills by learning skills on and off the court to mentally and physically prepare better for match play. This program is only offered as a package including one or two weekly group lessons, monthly private lessons, and complimentary open court time.  Click on the schedule and it will take you directly to the registration page.

Winter 2: Monday JANUARY 2nd - Friday, FEBRUARY 24th (7/8 Weeks)


Spring 1: Saturday, FEBRUARY 25th - Friday, APRIL 28th - Friday (9 Weeks)

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