Empire Tennis Reopening Outdoors May 15th!!!


We are happy to hear Governor Cuomo has stated outdoor tennis is a low-risk recreational activity, and a low-risk business, and we will be able to resume operations starting May 15th. As we prepare to re-open, there is much excitement, hesitation, and concern as to how we will reopen safely. As you can imagine my team, and the tennis industry as a whole, has been working tirelessly to ensure that when we return to tennis we follow NYS Health Dept guidelines, as well as many of the USTA guidelines to keep our staff, clients, and parents safe. 

Without a doubt, there are still many things we do not know about the virus, but what we do know is that this situation has affected us all differently, and we need to respect those of you that will not return as of yet due to high risk or sensitivity. We are with you and want to stress to you not to come if you fall into either of those categories. Furthermore, we urge you and/or your child not to come if you are sick or not feeling well in any way. Below you will see we have addressed your comments, questions, and concerns left in our survey to the best of our ability. 

We know you are itching to return to tennis just like we are, but we must exercise patience to ensure that our environment is safe upon arrival. We truly believe that our plan will mitigate any risk and still allow you to have a comfortable and enjoyable lesson experience upon your return. We will begin by reopening our OUTDOOR COURTS ONLY this Friday. Everyone will be able to schedule make-up private lesson time, regular private lessons, hitting sessions, open court time, and ball machine use from May 15th onward. Keep reading below for our reopening timeline as well as all safety precautions we will be practicing. We can't wait to get back on the courts with you soon!

Below are the safety precautions we will be taking to keep EVERYONE safe


* All employees will have their temperature checked before they start work daily
* Drop off/Pick up your kids around the side of the fieldhouse for outdoor play 
* Any questions regarding balance, make-ups, etc, should be communicated either through email (preferable) or phone - No cash or checks will be accepted, online payments only
* Doors for Entrance and Exit will be clearly identified and open to eliminate another contact point
* Hand sanitizers will be available near entrances and exits of the court banks
* Players must sanitize before and after play
* Players should have their own water bottle and towel
* We will give a promotional water bottle to each person until we run out
* Players will not touch the balls - use your racquet to hit the ball over the net to other players. Touching the balls endangers the pro’s safety and your own.
* Use the Tennis Tubes to pick up the balls - Hand wipes will be made available to sanitize before and after use
* Loaner racquets will not be available to use until further notice
* All common surfaces will be cleaned at the end of the day - This includes baskets & balls

Once indoor play opens additional safety precautions will include:

* Drop off/Pick up your kids at the fieldhouse entrance using double doors - Parents are welcome to wait in their cars, or if for U10, that just one parent stays with them (non-tennis siblings should remain at home)
* Masks must be worn when entering and exiting the building and remain on until you have reached the court you are playing on
* Instructors will wear masks until lessons begin
* Put your mask back on before you exit the court, especially if indoors. 
* When kids arrive, court assignments will be on the large TV screen. Read the assignments and go to your court when it is time
* Bleachers will not be in use
* Locker rooms will be closed for the foreseeable future
* One unisex bathroom will be available when indoor tennis resumes 

We all must do our best to respect everyone’s individual sensitivity to the current circumstances. We want all our participants to feel safe and have fun as we try to return to something that resembles normalcy. There is absolutely NO rush back to tennis, but we are all excited to see everyone who is ready return. If we do this right, we will prevent the risk of taking a step backwards. These rules/guidelines may seem restrictive, but we care about everyone’s health and do not want more people to fall ill and for the state to shut back down. As always, please feel free to reach out with your questions, comments, and concerns.  We look forward to seeing you on the court.

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