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Adult Beginner

Hello and welcome to the fastest growing sport in the country. This beginner course is the perfect place to start playing Pickleball! You will learn the essentials of hitting groundstrokes, dinks, volleys, serves and overheads, learn to keep score, familiarize yourself with pickleball terminology while having a great time and getting a good workout in. No prior experience is necessary to join this class. To register for a 4 week- session, click on your desired class to complete the registration form online.  


Adult Advanced Beginner
This is the ideal class for those that have played a little Pickleball but need to start developing consistency from their groundstrokes, serves, returns, dinks and volleys. You are going to love the unique combo of drills and structured playing situations. To register for advanced beginner, players must have prior experience playing pickleball a couple times, knowledge of scoring, and a basic understanding of the sport. To register for a 4 week- session, click on your desired class to complete the registration form online.  

Adult Intermediate
Now that you’ve become a Regular on the courts, it’s time to really develop your Kitchen game, 3rd shot drops and add some power, depth and control to your strokes. This class will give you that competitive edge while continuing to offer all the fun that Pickleball  provides. To register for Intermediate, players must have experience playing pickleball/ tennis or another paddle/racquet sport for 1+ years, knowledge of scoring, and understanding of doubles strategy/ teamwork and communication on court. To register for a 4 week- session, complete the registration form online.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available for booking to work on both technique and tactics.  To book a private lesson, please email 

Private Lesson Pricing
Individual Private Lesson • 60 minutes • $55
Package of 5 Individual Private Lessons • 60 Minutes • $255
Group Private Lesson (2 - 4 players) • 60 minutes • $75
Group Private Lesson (2 - 4 players) • 90 minutes • $90

Private Lessons

Richard Levine

Richard Levine is very excited to be joining the Empire Tennis Academy Team as our New Director of Pickleball. Richard hails from the NYC Metro area, where he played Tennis at Ramapo High School in Rockland County and then Division 1 at Hofstra University on Long Island. Richard is PPR Certified (Professional Pickleball Registry) and was one of the first 25 people to receive a degree in Professional Tennis Management at Ferris State University in Michigan. After completing his degree, he moved back to New York where he was the Head Pro of the Tamcrest Country Club. After two years at Tamcrest, Richard became the Co-Owner and Director of the Columbus Racket Club on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. While at Columbus Racquet Club Richard also coached the High School Team at Columbia Prep, where he was named the High School Coach from 1997- 1999. Richard sold Columbia Racquet Club and moved onto becoming the Director of the Woodstock Tennis Club. In 2001, Richard moved to Florida and became the Director of Racquet Sports at The Beauclerc Country Club/ JCC of Jacskonville from 2001 - 2013. During his tenure at the Beauclerc Country Club, Richard helped lead several of his adult doubles leagues to win numerous First Coast Championships, and had also received an International JCC Award for Innovative Programming. After 25 yrs in the tennis industry, Richard shifted gears and opened and still currently runs an Entertainment Company as a Singer/DJ/Entertainer. With all of his years coaching/playing tennis, Richard transitioned to becoming an avid Pickleball player and coach. Richard became passionate about everything Pickleball and has used his 25 years of coaching tennis stroke mechanics and high performance doubles coaching to provide players with unique technical, tactical and mental insight to bring quality instruction to players in the Jacksonville area over the past several years where the Pickleball scene is booming. Richard now has his coaching certification from the Professional Pickleball Registry, and is excited to join the Empire team as our Pickleball Head Professional and spread the popularity of the sport to the Greater Rochester Area.  You can reach Richard at

Richard Levine
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